It seems like a ton of drug busts all begin the same way, a traffic stop. There was another really big drug bust that took place just a few days ago in Wise County, Texas. 

As soon as the Wise County Deputy began talking to the driver of the white Toyota Tacoma, he could tell that something wasn’t right. It was clear that the driver was very nervous, and things just continued to get worse from there.  

The Driver and Passenger Had Different Stories for the Deputy 

After separating the driver and passenger, the driver told the deputy that the passenger was his grandmother, and they were on their way to a funeral.  

The passenger in the Tacoma told the deputy that the driver was her son, and they were traveling to Tennessee with a trailer full of furniture.  

That’s When the K-9 Officer Was Called in to Assist With the Stop 

The deputy knew immediately that with the two different stories being told he was going to request assistance from a K-9 officer that was nearby. It took K-9 Benni and his handler only one quick pass to alert on the U-Haul trailer that was being pulled by the Toyota Tacoma.  

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Inside the Trailer Was Lots of Drugs but No Furniture 

After getting inside of the trailer, officers found 31 moving boxes that were sealed. Inside those boxes were 840 pounds of vacuum sealed marijuana, 242 pounds of candy bars that were made with hallucinogenic mushrooms, and 1,100 THC vape cartridges. If sold on the streets this would have brought in a total of $1.7 million dollars. 

Both suspects in this case were arrested for multiple drug charges, bond was set at $70k for each suspect. Hopefully this helps more people understand that transporting drugs in the state of Texas is NOT a good idea.  

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