No matter the time of year there is always beauty that you can see or visit within the great state of Texas. And I know that I am not alone in that seeing water gives me a very calming feeling. Something about the free-flowing water is just relaxing and helps me relieve stress just by staring out at the water. Which is why I was interested in visiting some of the wonderful waterfalls that can be found around Texas. I’ve found 10 waterfalls that look amazing, so I wanted to share them with you too. 

I’m sure you will have heard about some of these places but there might be some on my list that you’re not familiar with and maybe it will send you on a fun road trip in the coming months. Remember life is so much more fun when you get off the couch, quit looking at your phone, and go explore a new area. Texas is a big, beautiful state, go visit all the cool places that you can. 

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There is One Place You Must Visit if You LOVE Waterfalls 

In the state of Texas there is one place that has quite a few waterfalls for you to visit, you will see with the full list below that place is Big Bend National Park. It’s gorgeous and has everything you want if you love spending time outdoors. 

Let’s Look at the Beautiful Waterfalls in Texas 

Let’s not waste any more time, it’s time to start planning your next road trip to visit one of these stunning waterfalls in the state of Texas. 

10 Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit Around the State of Texas

If you love seeing waterfalls there are a dozen beautiful ones you should visit around the state of Texas, here they are.

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Whether growing to big for it's britches or staying the lovely small that it is, every small town has these things in common. I'm picking on my hometown of Lindale, but for this list, you will find something very similar in your small town, if not all of them.

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