As you can tell with the heat we have been tolerating lately, it’s summertime in Texas! Yes, that can be a pain sometimes with the extreme heat so you will want to make sure you stay hydrated, and your pets have plenty of water too. But it’s not all negative, especially when you’re getting together with friends and family for a summer BBQ or potluck to have some fun in the sun. If you have a BBQ or potluck coming up and you don’t want to just bring cookies from the store here are 10 mouthwatering dishes or desserts that you can bring that just about everyone will enjoy. 

Sure, you can always stop by the grocery store and buy some premade cookies or something from their deli as a side dish but it’s always fun and sometimes a little cheaper to make something yourself. As you prepare for the potluck remember you are getting together with people you enjoy, so make sure you don’t start stressing yourself out about something to eat with friends and family. 

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Figure Out Something That is Easy For You 

You should not be spending an entire day preparing something for a potluck or BBQ, make it easy for yourself. The ideas that you will see listed below are fairly simple to put together. And if you have any suggestions that should be on this list make sure you visit the comment section and let us know about the delicious options I left off the list. 

Here are the 10 Dishes Perfect for a Texas BBQ or Summer Potluck 

Let’s look at the fantastic options that would make a perfect side dish for the potluck you have coming up. 

10 Delicious Options to Bring to a Summer BBQ or Potluck in Texas

Here are some easy options you can bring to a potluck or bbq you have coming up with friends and family.

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