Texas brings an eclectic blend of people, it’s people with a wide variety of beliefs that most seem to still hold on to southern hospitality and treat people well. But there are going to be specific areas in the state of Texas that brings out an even wider mis of locals and visitors because they are lots of fun. Those areas are amazing when it comes to people watching, if you scroll down just a little bit you will find a great list of places for people watching in the state of Texas. 

You never truly know what someone else is doing or planning when they are going out on the town. But seeing what people wear and the crowd they’re with is always fun, especially when you see big groups like bachelorette parties when a crowd of ladies are all matching and living it up.  

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My Favorite Place for People Watching is the World 

As you will see with the list below there are tons of great places for people watching in the state of Texas, but my absolute favorite is not in the lone star state. My favorite place has to be the Las Vegas strip, people never shy away from letting go of inhibitions and try to live their best life. Life is short, do whatever makes you happy. 

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Here is 10 of the Best Places for People Watching in Texas 

I’m sure you’ve visited a few of these places, but next time you should slow down and look at all the different people walking around. Here are the best places for people watching in the state of Texas: 

10 Places for Great People Watching in Texas

If you're looking for the best places for people watching in Texas, you should check out these 10 locations.

The Ultimate Texas Bucket List: 30 Must-Do's in the Lone Star State

From things to eat to places to see, this list has it all. Next time I am thinking of taking a road trip, which is most of the time, I'll definitely be going back to this list again and again. 

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