It’s easy for people to say that the younger generation doesn’t work very hard, but I don’t always believe that is the case. There are always some young adults that are willing to work hard to make some money, especially here in East Texas. And if you have teenagers in that are already saying ‘I’m bored’ then I have a list of some summer jobs that could keep them busy and help them earn some extra cash. 

When I was growing up earning an allowance wasn’t really a thing, my parents taught me that chores around the house were just part of what was expected. But my dad also helped me get my first job at 14 at a restaurant that was part of his district. I loved having a job, and earning a paycheck, it made me feel better about myself. 

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At What Age Can You Get a Job in Texas? 

There are some people that think they are too young to get a job in the state of Texas and work legally. But we did the research if you want to know all the details on how old kids need to be to work legally in Texas, click here. 

If Not Working, How About Working Out? 

Remember Texas teenagers can also go to the gym for free this summer. Get all the details on the free gym memberships being offered by clicking here. 

Summer will go by quickly, make sure you have some fun before it’s gone. 

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