Wow, what a piece of work! A "father" in Philly used his 11-month-old as a human shield in a drug deal!

The boy's sperm donor, Nafes Monroe, was arrested for the incident, which happened on October 19th, according to WIVB. He took the baby, along with his girlfriend, to the drug deal hoping their presence would prevent violence.

Philadelphia Police Department via
Philadelphia Police Department via

The child was shot multiple times - once in the head, once in the neck, and twice in the buttocks, according to WCAU. After the shooting, instead of taking the baby directly to the hospital, Monroe drove to a house, then eventually took the boy to the hospital. The child is still in critical condition. Francisco Ortiz has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Monroe tried to use counterfeit money to buy the drugs, which sparked the shooting. Monroe has been charged with recklessly endangering the life of another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

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