$15,000 in cash has been given away since April 1st.  Now we need to replenish the bank account, so you can win too! 

In less than 3 weeks, HOT 107-3 Jamz will start handing out more free money.  The steps you'll take to grab $1000 will all be the same:  listen to Michael Baisden weekday afternoons to learn the name of our next "1K Power Play Artist Of The Day".  Wake up with the Steve Harvey Morning Show to find out exactly which hours between 9am & 2pm we'll be playing one of their songs.  Then, when you hear it, make note of the special "Code Word" revealed right after, & enter that at 

Our "1K Power Play Artist Of The Day" will be showcased twice every workday, so you'll have two different opportunities to pocket the cash while you're listening on the job.  Remember, we'll begin giving away the money again on Monday May 15th.  HOT 107-3 Jamz' "1K Power Play Artist Of The Day"!  


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