Living closer to a Buc-ee's location would be a problem for me and I know I am not alone in feeling this way. With Terrell, Texas being the closest location to us here in East Texas Buc-ee's is the first thing I think about when talking about Terrell. But if you really are in love with Buc-ee's and want to live closer to the popular store you might want to look at this gorgeous property which is only 24 minutes away from Buc-ee's according to Google Maps.

Beyond shortening your drive for Beaver Nuggets, this home will give you everything you could possibly want to relax in the great state of Texas. The address for this beautiful home is 10264 Holly Creek Road in Terrell, Texas 75160. The home is stunning, it comes with 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, and is a total of 12,312 square feet sitting on just over 8.5 acres of land.

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This Terrific Terrell, TX Home Comes With a Hefty Price Tag

I could go on for hours talking about how amazing this property is but I still wouldn't be able to afford this luxurious place as the asking price is $3,350,000. I'm not even sure I would be able to afford the energy bill for a property like this but whoever purchases this home will really love it.

Lots of Extras Included in This Terrell, Texas Home

Beyond being close to Buc-ee's this property has a dual staircase entry, oversized bedrooms, and a very nice guest house for when friends or family want to come visit. You will see in the photos just how incredible this home and property are in Terrell, Texas.

Terrific Terrell, Texas Home, 24 Minutes Away From Buc-ee's

This gorgeous Terrell, Texas home is for sale and puts you close to Buc-ee's.

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