If you're a parent in East Texas right now you're probably hearing one of two things right now. Either "I'm bored" or "can I have some money". Those are and always will be the things that teenagers love to complain about regarding the summertime. Luckily, for adults we have the Townsquare Media East Texas Virtual Job Fair. But as I saw in the Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, and Recommendations group online, there are lots of businesses and opportunities for hard-working teens in our area to make some money as well.

Lots of the suggestions listed below are from locals who know that these businesses will hire 15 year olds, although they may only be able to work limited hours. My first job was at 14 years old as my dad bent the rules for me to begin making my own money as a host at a restaurant. That job taught me so much about real life, and I have so much respect for food service workers ever since that first job.

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Okay, enough about me here are the suggestions for teenagers in Tyler, Texas to make some extra cash:

24 Ways for Tyler Teenagers to Make Money

There are lots of employers who won't hire teens as young as 15, but many others that do. Here is a list of ways for teens in Tyler to make money.

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