As More And More People Make Move Into East Texas, The Growing Pains Quickly Follow.

Say what you want but you like living here in Tyler for a reason. Yes, we talk trash about it but if we really hated it that much, we would all move away as quickly as possible.

With that being said, more and more folks are moving into our area and well, that's going to lead to infrastructure needing improvements like streets needing repair. The City Of Tyler is getting to work on all that this summer.

Tyler City Crews will begin working on the 2024 ONYX Project.

Photo cred: Downtown Tyler
Photo cred: Downtown Tyler

The ONYX surface treatment has reportedly been used by TxDOT to treat road shoulders for years. The Onyx Mastic Seal treatment consists of an “asphalt emulsion, catalysts, polymers and fine aggregates.”

The City of Tyler, through the use of the general fund, will be spending over $300,000 to reseal city streets that have lost asphalt on their surface because of years of wear and tear.

Starting on Monday, June 24, 37 sections of road throughout Tyler will be closed either partially or fully.

Road Closed Ahead

Drivers can expect traffic delays, lane closures and road closures in certain areas. Flaggers will be present and contractors will place door notices on the doors in the neighborhood.

Motorists are asked to obey the signs and flaggers and drive with caution in the area. This project is set to run until July 12 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check below to see if your street is on the list.

Over 30 Tyler Streets Will Be Closed This Summer

Check to see if your street is on the list to new pavement this summer.

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