Being a Chicago native we are known for a lot of things for example Giordano’s Pizza, Chicago Style Hot Dogs, even Garrett’s Popcorn.

However, when it comes to rat meat you can scratch that off the list.

According to Chicago Sun Times, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have confirmed they have confiscated 32 pounds of rat meat from a passenger arriving at the airport from Africa last month.

He was forthcoming with it.  When he arrived, he claimed it and we inspected it. We try to educate people like him so it doesn’t happen next time.

The issues with imported meats is the possibility of introducing African Swine Fever, and other contagious diseases, into the U.S. per the CBP website.

People can’t contract it, but people can carry or spread ASF through contaminated clothing, apparel, vehicles and equipment.

The passenger wasn't fined, but his rat meat was destroyed.



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