Whitney Houston’s manager and sister-in-law, Pat Houston, opened up about the upcoming documentary about Whitney’s life.

Yahoo News report, Pat who is executive producer of the documentary spoke of the people in the documentary, when asked about her thought of is this the story that Whitney would have wanted she said everyone has a life has a story.  It’s her story and it’s played out in the documentary.

Pat has also denied reports that Whitney and her mom were not close she cleared that up by saying Whitney and her mom had a beautiful relationship.

A lot theories about her and her mother not being close are just absolutely false. She wore her mother’s Fendi slippers all the time. She had a purse that had her mother’s scarf on her bag. And that Bible; Whitney has traveled all over the world, and have had homes in Florida, New Jersey, California, but she still had her mother’s Bible. It was signed 1987 and her mother stated in there ‘Take God with you everywhere you go.’ She really respected her mother.

Houston died 6 years ago of an accidental drowning in her hotel room due to atherisclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.  Her sudden dealth shocked her colleagues and fans across the globe.

Whitney is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 6th.