Five people were arrested in Nacogdoches County after children were found living with drugs, guns and more!

Courtesy NCSO
Courtesy NCSO

Roy Butler, Coty Whitehead, Dustin Cooper, Tia Meshell, and James Edwards, were arrested at around on Saturday by the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office Deputies. Several children were found to be living in horrific conditions during the raid. A search warrant was executed after a few month of investigation, according to CBS19.

Investigators had been targeting Roy Butler, who they suspected of selling large amounts of meth. Undercover officers made several purchases from Butler. They also discovered the Butler was using fake checks, stealing identities and more! During the raid at Butler's home on County Road 972, deputies found of several grams of meth, fraud documents and computer equipment used in the fraud. They also found materials used to make counterfit money and a sawed off shotgun. CPS was notified.

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