Looking at homes that I can't afford just makes me dream bigger. For the same reason I will pick up a mega millions tickets every once in a while, it's fun to dream. So, when I saw the most expensive property in Lindale was listed for over 5 million dollars I had to check it out. The property did not disappoint, it is absolutely gorgeous. It's beautiful yet still comfortable, and it comes with 230 acres of land which is why it's listed for over 5 million dollars.

If you're wanting to grab this property for a great price you might be able to make that happen seeing as how it's been on the market for over 700 days. The home as you will see in the pictures is immaculate. The exact address is 18793 Country Road 481 in Lindale. The home was built in 2001, by one of the country's foremost interior designers according to the listing.

What All Is Included in the Most Expensive Property for Sale in Lindale?

Beyond the 6,900 square foot mansion sitting on 230+ acres the home is full of fantastic amenities. There is a lake and an Artesian well flowing unlimited water for irrigation and livestock. The home has two story entry, two staircases, a family room, game room, stables, and a guest home.

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What I Would Love to Do With This Property

Since were dreaming about owning a 5 million dollar property, I know what I would do with all that land, rescue dogs! Dogs make life better with this much land I would adopt so many furry family members and let them live a much better quality of life on the gigantic plot of land.

Just check out these photos:

The Most Expensive Property For Sale in Lindale is Over 5 Million Dollars

This property in Lindale is the most expensive that is currently for sale, but as you can see with the pictures it makes sense why it's listed over 5 million dollars.

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