When you visit Carthage, Texas you get to enjoy the beauty of East Texas and a much slower pace of life compared to the Metroplex. But if you want to stay active as a landlord and are looking for a property, this could be a huge money maker for you. Currently, the most expensive property for sale in Carthage, Texas is actually a really nice 5-unit multi-family property.  

The address for the homes and property is at 927 W Holland St, Carthage, TX 75633. The property breakdown is actually two duplex homes and one single unit. The list price for all homes on the .67 acres of land is currently $1,350,000. Three of the units were built in 2013, the additional 2 units were built in 2015, and as you will see below in the photos all look like they have been taken care of which is important when trying to find renters to occupy the properties. 

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The Multi-Family Property in Carthage is in a Wonderful Location 

While Carthage isn’t exactly a large town, the location of these units for sale are in a great spot just steps away from Panola College and not very far from Carthage high school. There are also restaurants and shopping close by, which is always nice. 

You Might Get a Deal on The Most Expensive Property in Carthage 

The list price for this 5-unit property is way more than what I have in my bank account, but seeing as how this property has been on the market for 6+ months you might be able to talk the owner down a bit on the price.  

Check out the photos and see if being a landlord is something you might want to explore. 

5 Unit Property For Sale in Carthage, Texas

If you want to be a landlord this might be the perfect opportunity for you to make that happen.

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