Just like most people here in East Texas, I love to shop local and support the smaller businesses here in our area. But I’m not rich, I have a budget to follow too, which is why I find myself trying to save a few dollars by shopping for those rollback prices at Walmart stores. Let’s just be honest, no one looks forward to going to Walmart but to save some money we are willing to take on the task. But just like everything else in the world, things are changing and we’re going to look at 7 changes coming to Walmart. 


While it seems like so many people are moving away from actually shopping themselves, and instead doing their shopping online, I have trouble doing that. The last thing I want is someone picking out my produce and paying for stuff that is just hours from going bad or growing mold. Throwing away money is not something I am interested in doing.  

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Some of These Changes Are Coming Soon 

As you look at some of the changes coming to Walmart stores you will notice that some of the changes could and will be implemented soon and some are going to take time. The details regarding these changes coming soon are coming from an article in the U.S. Sun. 

Change Is Nothing to Worry About 

While we might not have a lot of say in these changes coming soon, they are nothing to stress about. Walmart makes a ton of money and they want those dollars to continue to roll in so you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to future shopping trips. Let’s look at some of the changes that Walmart stores will soon be implementing.  

7 Big Changes to Expect at Walmart Stores

There are big changes coming to Walmart stores and here is what you should expect to see.

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