It’s clear that most pet owners in East Texas consider their four-legged family members to be family. That was obvious just a few days ago when I saw someone on social media ask for a list of restaurants around Longview, Texas that allows dogs to dine with their humans. And it didn’t take long for locals in Longview to help out and give 8 suggestions on where you could grab a bite to eat while taking your dog with you. 

It was pretty adorable to see people so quick to help out with a question like this. And it’s great to hear of so many businesses that welcome in pets. But I will say there are multiple restaurants on this list that only welcome dogs into their outdoor patio seating, it’s still great that they open this up to pets and their owners, but you will want to refrain from taking them into the actual restaurant.  

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How Will You Know for Certain What is Allowed at These Restaurants? 

If you are planning on taking your dog with you to enjoy a meal, it’s always best to call ahead and ask an employee what the rules are for that particular restaurant. As dog owners it’s our responsibility to find out the rules and obey them so we can continue to bring our dogs for years to come. 

Be Respectful If You Bring Your Dogs 

I love my dogs, I love most all dogs, but I realize not everyone is like me. There are people that are afraid of dogs so please keep your dog on a leach and very close to you if they join you at one of these restaurants.  

Now, let’s look at some of these dog friendly restaurants in Longview. 

8 Dog Friendly Restaurans in Longview, Texas

Here are your options as far as dog friendly restaurants in Longview, Texas

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