Despite the fact that some folks in Illinois not mostly own the company, and the fact that its starting to expand its reach outside of Texas, Whataburger is still 1000% Texan at its least to us.

While the rest of the country seems to misunderstand our love and obsession with the A-Frame 24 hour greasy goodness of the orange and white fast food joint, we sit back and watch yall go crazy and rant and rave about your "In-N-Outs" and "Shake Shacks" but all of them CLOSE at some point, the trusty Whataburger sign has been a beacon of hope for late night hungry folks of all ages.

Today (August 8) marks Whataburger's 71st birthday. By now if you've lived in Texas for at least more than 10 years, you know the story well. A humble roadside stand in Corpus Christi opened up in 1950 has now reached over 800 stores in 10 states and growing.

In honor of their birthday, I stopped by my nearby location on Gentry in Tyler and treated myself to a Whataburger Jr. I got for free as an app reward. You get a free item for every 5 purchases you make so that goes to show you how much I'm there.

So, I'll drop my Top 3 Whataburger menu items because there's literally thousands of ways you can get your burger dressed up there and these are my go to sandwiches.




I honestly don't remember when I first had one but I remember how I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT the first time. I don't get the Texas Toast though, I prefer mine on a bun and if you really want it to slap, add some jalapenos. I'm also a fan of the Buffalo Chicken Strip version.



The Green Chile Double is not for the faint of heart but the blending of the 2 different cheeses and the hot green grilled green chilies will set your mouth on fire. I believe its a seasonal burger so you have to catch it like the McRib.



Back in my truck driving days, we would always pull into a Whataburger in Waco before a long night of driving down Highway 31 towards East Texas and this was my favorite order but hold the tomatoes. It's damn near the perfect fast food burger in my opinion.


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