You already know that HOT 107-3 Jamz tries to make being on the job a little more fun, with our daily Commercial Free Workday Kickoff at 9am.  You always hear over one full hour of continuous music, played non-stop & commercial free to help you through your morning routine at work.  It's actually about 20 songs in a row, back to back without commercial interruption, every Monday through Friday.

Now all this week, HOT 107-3 Jamz' is doubling up on all that continuous Old School & Today's R&B.  It's our special bonus Commercial Free Workday Re-Set!  When you get back from lunch, listen for a 2nd edition of more than one full hour of non-stop, back-to-back music.  We'll start rolling another 20 songs in a row, completely commercial-free, a little before 1pm, & keep it goin' right up til it's time for the Michael Baisden Show at 2.  HOT 107-3 JAMZ' Commercial Free Workday Kickoff, & Commercial Free Workday Re-Set-  almost as good as having the day off!

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