One of the many issues we face in the Black community is dealing with our mental health. Seeking help and therapy has long been associated as a negative stigma among African Americans who are constantly told to "Be Strong" when in reality, we all are human and deserve healing from our trauma and pain. Thankfully, over recent years, that stigma is starting to go away.

Actress, Television Producer, Life Coach, and Philanthropist AJ Johnson has become a cultural icon making many guest appearances on sitcoms, television dramas and iconic films including House Party and Baby Boy.

AJ just completed filming “Love & Hip Hop Miami”, season two of UMC’s “Stuck With You”, streaming hit holiday film, “Holiday Heartbreak”, and the popular VH1 hit “Couple Retreat”, where AJ life coaches America’s most dysfunctional reality show couples.

AJ will now be lending her life coaching expertise to the new TVOne lifestyle series "Love Therapy", a life-coaching series that shares an intimate look at the stories of individuals' exposing their internal struggles in search of healing.


Along with trained mental health professionals, Johnson taps into her natural instinct of nurturing people's suffering to exude positivity in a genuine approach to improve individuals' lives.


Melz On The MIC caught up with the iconic star to talk about her new show and we discuss the reasons why Black folks don't seek out therapy and so much more! Catch "Love Therapy" Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM on TVOne.

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