If you're ever in a bad mood or just need something to lift you spirits I have just the thing for you, it's called My Pig Filled Life. And yes, it's all about pigs, plus the actual non-profit organization is located in Wills Point, Texas. Before you go check them out online let me warn you that I have just learned about My Pig Filled Life today, and i've spent over 30 minutes looking at pictures of pigs.

My Pig Filled Life is a 501 c3 operating to promote and support the rescue and care of mini pigs. They provide compassion, commitment and companionship to pigs. The mission began with a pair of piglets and a big heart, and after months of learning more about these adorable animals the idea of starting a non-profit organization in East Texas got started.

My Pig Filled Life in East Texas Began With a Pair of Piglets

Years ago there were a pair of piglets on a local livestock page in East Texas, and they were adorable so they started the organization but obviously the number of pigs have grown. After offering her farm to other pigs who needed to be rehomed and learned more about caring for pigs Melanie quickly had a dozen pigs running around.

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There Are Now Hundreds of Pigs Adoptable or in Need of Rescue in East Texas

While Melanie has done a tremendous job of looking after these pigs there are more than 200 up for adoption and 172 in need of sponsorship. All pigs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped upon intake to the facility. In four years there have been more than 350 rescued pigs that have been spayed or neutered with the help of My Pig Filled Life.

My wife now wants a mini pig but I think it's probably best to visit the organization in Wills Point and learning about the animals before just deciding to rescue one. But for now you can look at all the adorable photos of the pigs.

Adorable Pigs in East Texas

Check out the photos from the non-profit organization My Pig Filled Life in Wills Point, Texas.

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