It was just last week that we were talking about Tyler Pounds Regional Airport and the increase in parking fees that were approved by the Tyler City Council. And now there is more news regarding the airport in Tyler, Texas and if you use the airport a lot this might really help you out. Most large airports have already implemented TSA Pre-Check, and soon you will be able to pre-enroll for that same program at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

Why would you need to get signed up for TSA Pre-Check especially when you're using Tyler Pounds Regional Airport which doesn't get extremely busy when compared to DFW? It's mostly about ease and convenience. While most of us know it's a fairly easy process getting through TSA at Tyler Pounds, it's always nice speeding through the lines when you're traveling back home normally going through bigger airports.

When Will the TSA-Pre-Check Pre-Enrollment Take Place at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport?

According to CBS 19, the pre-enrollment period will take place Monday, February 14th through Friday, February 18th. Once enrolled you will be able to get through TSA quicker, allowing you to not remove your shoes, take liquids out of your bags, take off light jackets, or belts as you're going through the security screening process.

You Can Schedule a Time to Sign Up for TSA Pre-Check at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

To complete the process you will have to complete a background check as well as be fingerprinted at the mobile enrollment center which will be set up inside the airport. Appointments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and you can set an appointment now through the TSA website.

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