In Texas, making roosters fight has been illegal for decades but that hasn't stopped cockfighting rings from popping up.


Cockfighting is considered a BILLION dollar industry around the world and continues to be a prevalent problem in East Texas with many still supporting and defending the practice. A quick Google search of "Texas Cockfighting" will unravel a rabbit hole of videos and news reports of fighting rings and arrests.


According to a post on the Cherokee County Sheriff's Facebook Page, They Busted Up The Ring On Sunday (Feb. 19).

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office reports that they received information about a rooster fight taking place on CR 2405 in the Redlawn area. When deputies responded to the area they were able to detain 26 individuals.

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Upon further investigation, 24 individuals were arrested and 2 juveniles were released to guardians.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

22 were arrested for being a spectator at the rooster fight, 1 arrest for allowing the use of real estate for rooster fighting, and 1 arrested for felony evading with a vehicle and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

30 vehicles were towed and 88 birds were seized.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

In 2011 the Texas Legislature strengthened the ban on cockfighting by making it a felony to raise fighting gamecocks and a misdemeanor to attend cockfights. Despite busting up this ring police say that the investigation is ongoing because like we mentioned earlier, cockfighting rings continue to thrive and survive in East Texas and this certainly will not be the last one that we will hear about.

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