When I first found the video below on a local social media group I didn't think too much about it. Then it started to click that this 18-wheeler was driving the wrong way on a very busy that most of us are very familiar with. This is US Highway 271, which means this trucker was on the highway going the wrong direction at a high rate of speed.

This kind of mistake often leads to the type of disaster that no one wants to think about, normally loss of life. But luckily, as you continue to watch this video it seems like the trucker realizes his gigantic mistake and tries to get back on the correct side of the highway. I'm sure this was just as scary for him as it was for any person driving in East Texas seeing this big rig driving toward them.

Don't Think for One Second That I Am Bashing Truckers

We wouldn't have any of the creature comforts we enjoy each day without truckers, we wouldn't even have food to eat without truckers. So, don't think that I am bashing truckers or think anything bad about truckers. This was a mistake that was made by one person, and they tried their best to correct it as soon as possible. I have to write things like this because it's the internet and there are so many keyboard warriors out there.

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I've Made This Mistake Just Not to This Degree

We've all been driving in an area that we aren't familiar with and maybe a wrong turn puts us down the wrong side of traffic. But I couldn't imagine feeling that stress when driving a huge truck where a crash could make you lose your job. That is a lot of stress, I'm just glad that no one was hurt.

You have to see this video for yourself:

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