This amazing young athlete could easily be on her way to being an Olympian one day! She reminds me of the great Olympians Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan, Michell Kwan and Tara Lipinski. At only 12 years old, Starr Andrews has just about mastered the beautiful art of figure skating. Her mother was a figure skater and Starr obviously took after her. Starr started skating at 3 years old, and has become a little powerhouse.

Starr sat down with Mike Sacks of HuffPost Live, and shared her story. Here's what she told Mike:

"I used to sit on the sideline and watch her skate, and I used to scream because I wanted to get on the ice with her," Starr said about her mother.

Starr's talent has already been discovered when she made a video of herself skating to Will Smith's daughter, Willow's song, "Whip My Hair."

Starr Andrews

Starr Andrews 'Whip My Hair'