This is the kind of home that would make everyone happy, it's got everything you need within the comfort of the home. Every detail in this home looks perfect, but from the looks of the photo the place still looks very comfortable. It would be a fantastic property to host friends and family whether it is for the holidays or just a summer BBQ. This piece of real estate for sale in Montgomery, Texas is amazing but it's all the extras included that set it apart from so many other homes.

We will discuss all the extras soon but first the address to this place is 4453 Holly Trail Road in Montgomery, Texas. It's just barely over a 1/2 acre, the home is 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, and a total of 5,379 square feet. It has a two car garage, was built in 2021, and has been on the market for 170 days.

The Home is at Bluejack National

I had never heard of Bluejack National before looking at this property, but all of the amenities they offer help put this home over the top. The extras include tennis courts, a miniature baseball field and football field (total of 60 yards), bowling, fishing, community pool with waterslides and lazy river, plus PGA staff and golf course designed by Tiger Woods.

Luxury Has a Cost

As you can tell this property is top notch but it comes with a hefty price tag at $2,150,000. I'm not in the market of moving anytime soon and I cannot afford this property anyway, but it's fun to dream. Look at the stunning photos below.

Gorgeous Home in Montgomery, Texas For Sale

This beautiful home for sale comes with all the extras you could ever want.

NBA Star Tony Parker's Mansion For Sale in Texas

The property is beautiful and includes one of the largest private water parks you will ever see.

Texas Mansion For Sale That Looks Like a Prison

I'm sure you've never seen a mansion that looks like this one. It's for sale at $5 million dollars, and looks similar to a prison.

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