Andra Day continues to amaze in her new video for "Rise Up." The Grammy-nominated singer teams up with famed director M. Night Shyamalan to deliver a cinematic touch to her powerful song.

The clip features Day, donning an all black look and her signature red lips, singing her inspirational verses inside an empty restaurant. The lyrics serve as the narrative to the storyline of a day-long date of a woman and her wheelchair-bound boyfriend.

There is no doubt that Shymalan and Day wanted to illustrate the power of rise up and inner strength. The video also has touching scenes of the couple during intimate moments as the woman bathes him and seemingly offers her undying affection and dedication.

Day clearly has a thing for cinematic visuals. The 31-year-old singer tapped Spike Lee to direct her “Forever Mine” video. The San Diego, Calif. native has also worked with Oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson on clip for Radiohead's "Daydreaming."

In addition to the new Shyamalan-directed video, Day also released an "Introspective Version," with her walking through a lush deep forrest.

Watch Andra Day's "Introspective Version" of "Rise Up"