Goodbye Bengals hello Cowboys!

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After a shocking turn of events in the NFL Andy Dalton is now a Dallas Cowboy.

The news came yesterday as ESPN’s Adam Schefter dropped the news Saturday evening that the former Bengals QB signed a one year deal and could pocket close to seven million.

Dalton who attended TCU in Fort Worth and already has a home there seems to be the perfect situation for him and I’ll explain my theory.

  • Dalton is a legit quarterback! He’s a solid starter and been to the Pro Bowl and pending on how Dak’s situation plays out he could be a perfect backup.
  • Speaking of Dak Prescott, if he continues to hold out of his contract Dallas will have no problem moving on with someone who has experience than an unproven starter.
  • Dallas now has leverage over Dak to get him to sign if they really have the intention to have him as their QB for the future and if not Dalton will most likely get a contract extension.

I am actually happy for Andy Dalton moving on with the Cowboys and I can guarantee you this will be a team to watch in the upcoming NFL season if it start on time.

How bout them Cowboys!

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