I saw a post about it on social media. That's how the Netflix show "I Am a Stalker" first got on my radar. Someone posted that there's an episode that takes place here in Tyler, TX, I told my wife about it and of course we pulled it right up.

If you haven't heard of it, it's a show where "convicted stalkers and survivors share harrowing accounts of harassment, abuse and other crimes in this documentary series."

And wouldn't you know it, Netflix's "I Am A Stalker" Season 1 episode 5 is about a case here in East Texas. "In a case that drew media attention, Jaclyn Feagin recalls how she left items with strange symbols in a woman's property with help from an unlikely ally."

After it aired, Jaclyn Feagin from the show took to social media to answer questions from viewers. And not surprisingly, Feagin does have supporters out there. A few people who responded to her video were wondering why Netflix even included her story on the series.

 Ashley Elyse wrote: "So she's bold enough to send naked women but not show her face? Girl, I don't blame you. That punishment is ridiculous lol I hope you get to talk to your mom soon."

L S commented: "There is no comparison between what you did and the rest of the serious stalkers on the show. Netflix weakened their case by including this small town high jinx in the cases. I also would be interested in seeing how seriously that police department has taken actual male stalkers. It would be good to see their records of prosecution."

Donna M believes "The judgements out there are crazy you and your mom were not in the wrong all down to religion in we are all entitled to our beliefs i live in england and something like this would be laughed at here. I hope you and your mom are ok."

Honestly, I had a hard time finishing the episode, and not because it was too much to handle. It was more underwhelming. It was also the only episode of the series that I watched, it just didn't really capture my attention, despite seeing landmarks from around the town I've lived in for 15 years.

Here's her Q&A video:

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