I'm honestly not sure what to think of this property for sale in San Antonio, Texas. I'm wondering if the real estate agent made a mistake in the listing or if someone is really trying to get $350,000 for a house that was completely destroyed in a fire. There are photos below that show a little bit more of the house that was on fire but this has to be the most overpriced home in the state of Texas.

In all seriousness how can anyone ask for this much money for a house that no one can occupy in it's current condition. I realize that the real estate market is crazy everywhere especially in Texas as the population just continues to grow but this doesn't make any sense at all.

There Is So Much Wrong With the Most Overpriced Home in Texas

Beyond the fact that a fire completely destroyed this home, there is also a large hole in the roof. I've never worked construction or built any home, but it seems like the only option here is to knock this place to the ground and rebuild something that will be more safe for the next owners.

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The Realtor For This House Is Overly Optimistic

The realtor for this property at 224 Utah Street in San Antonio, Texas still thinks someone is going to jump at the opportunity to buy this place. She said it's not going to last long, and the property will be sold as is. While this could be a great opportunity to flip this property it's going to take a lot of work.

Check out the photos for yourself:

Most Overpriced Home in Texas

This home was destroyed in a fire yet the list price is still $350,000.

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