As Mother's Day weekend approaches most moms of East Texas and would probably want to have a day to unwind from the daily challenges they face and Kraft is here to help!

According to CNN, the brand that is known for their "macaroni and cheese" is is giving back to deserving moms by paying $100 per mom to cover bills for babysitters hired this Sunday (May 12th) so mom can do WHATEVER she likes.

Kraft want moms to enjoy a day of "no meltdowns, diaper changes, and no going to the bathroom with kids pounding the door."

Getting the $100 is simple!  All mom has to do is hire a babysitter, and upload a picture of the receipt or invoice from the babysitting service here from the website Kraft Mother's Day Away.

Also, mom's tell Kraft why you need this time away so be real creative and if you just so happen to hire a private babysitter you can upload a signed note from the babysitter, confirming payment.

Kraft is going to cover babysitting costs up to $50,000 for the holiday, but the offer ends on Sunday May 19th, or until the money runs out.

Happy Mother's Day to all the East Texas moms and surrounding areas!

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