At times we know Halloween decorations can cause some confusion, but a family’s Christmas decoration really gave a neighbor a good scare.

According to the Star-Telegram, the Heerlein family of Austin, Texas entered into their annual neighborhood Christmas decorating contest, and decorated their home copying a scene from the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” where Clark Griswold hangs from the room of his house while trying to hang Christmas lights.

They got a dummy and dressed it up before hanging it from their roof, and placing a ladder that looked like it was going to topple over.

The following day, a family’s security camera caught footage of a passerby named Alfred Norwood Jr. who saw the display and immediately attempted to save the “man” he thought was hanging from the roof.

Police were called and the Nanny informed the homeowners about the incident which caused them to put a sign indicating not to call 9-1-1 because the man was a display.

The Heerlein family was very understanding and gave Mr. Norwood a gift card for trying to help.


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