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While you are going to your nearest store to stock up on hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other items for the coronavirus you might want to consider getting school supplies for September 2020.

According to Yahoo Finance, Richard Maicki who is the managing director at consulting firm Berkeley Research Group, that advises turnaround plans for retail companies advises that manufacturers in China are managing shutdowns and delays at this time.

You know what that means?  Right at back to school time in August there might not be enough product to go around.

Maicki spoke more on the situation,

Everybody will want to be back shopping, and that's when the real inventory shortage will hit. That is not great timing.

The coronavirus has stunted factories that produces clothing, shoes and even electronics and when they resume production it could be a delay in time.

We don't know for sure how fast things will be back to normal to support back to school and even the holiday season.

Only time will tell.

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