On Wednesday, we found out that the NCAA came to a conclusion regarding the sexual assault scandal that rocked Baylor University. After years of investigating there was behavior that all sides agree were "unacceptable", but the University did not violate the league rules.

Baylor is the world's largest Baptist university and when information regarding this scandal was first released, the university's football coach Art Briles, as well as athletic director Ian McCaw, and school president Ken Starr, were all removed from their duties at the university.

What Were the Unacceptable Instances That Took Place at Baylor?

The NCAA came to a conclusion that Baylor was not taking the necessary actions and even protecting some of the football players on their team from the university's disciplinary process - even failing to react to sexual and interpersonal violence. Staff at Baylor admitted to poor handling of these instances but insisted that they didn't violate any NCAA rules.

What is the Punishment that Baylor University Received From the NCAA?

Baylor will be on probation for four years and have to pay a $5,000 fine along with recruiting restrictions during the 2021-2022 academic year. Baylor won two Big 12 titles between 2011-2015 and the school might be forced to vacate those games because athletes played in games that they should have been ineligible.

While I didn't play sports after high school, this scandal is disgusting. How did these coaches turn their head when they knew their players were doing wrong? Most coaches are more worried about helping these guys become good men. The fact that nothing was done, especially regarding sexual assault allegations is very alarming. Let's hope that the Baylor administration has learned from this gigantic mistake and history never repeats itself.

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