Through the years I have decided to leave the Black Friday shoppers for the professionals and do all of my shopping in the comfort of my own home.

So if you are like me and preparing to do your shopping on Black Friday (November 29th) you might want to use extra caution.

According to Fox News, Anti-phishing expert Dave Baggett says email-based scams increases more than usual this time of year.

Online shoppers who may click a link on fake websites could possibly input your credit card information.

Dave also added,

You think you're logging into Amazon, but you're just giving your password to the crooks.

To ensure you have a safe online shopping experience during the holiday, experts advise you shouldn't make purchases with your smartphone, don't make a purchase if the final screen doesn't have the secure padlock icon, enable two-factor authentication, and use unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Lastly, don't click on email links, instead go to the actual website of the retailer's website.

What kind of precautions, if any, do you take when shopping online?


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