Does anybody know when is the best day to shop during the holidays?

Black Friday has some great deals, but are those offered on Cyber Monday better?

According to Time, now with the two blending together for obvious reasons, with one being retailers are now offering Black Friday deals online as well as in-store, so Cyber Monday isn’t just the only day to get those discounts through the web.

Rebecca Lehmann, a senior manager at discount-scouting site Brad's Deals says,

More and more, it's that there really isn't so much delineation between them as there used to be.

Experts say consider each potential item on your shopping on a case-by-case basis and find when the best deals on each item will be happening.

Also, Philip Dengler who is the head of editorial and content marketing at Best Black Friday said he wouldn't wait for anything on Cyber Monday except travel deals.

What works better for your, shopping at an actual store on Thanksgiving day or shopping online?


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