After a few months of publicly displaying their affections on Instagram, it looks like Brandy and Sir the Baptist have called it quits.

According to the gossip blogs, the R&B singer kicked Sir the Baptist to the curb after she reportedly caught him cheating on her with several women, including his ex-girlfriend, with whom he has two children. The Shade Room spilled the tea and reports that Brandy caught the self-proclaimed “Hip-Hop Chaplain” canoodling with his ex during the Essence Music Festival earlier this month.

Also, in the video above, you can see that Sir blew off Brandy during his IG Live chat when a fan asked him where was she's at.

“I don’t know where Brandy at fam, she’s at home somewhere,” he said. “We good, you don’t have to ask about Brandy every time.”

For his part, Sir the Baptist has shot down rumors of infidelity by posting a video explaining that he was helping his "Muslim American Sister" sell scarfs to promote her birthday. We also did a cursory look at both Brandy and Sir the Baptist's IG pages and they both stopped posting pictures of each other in May. So was this just a December to May romance fling?

Brandy has not publicly addressed their rumored breakup. However, she has been posting pictures with subliminal messages aimed at someone (*cough* Sir the Baptist).

For example, in the clip below, the R&B mom is writing a message and looks directly at the camera at you know who. The caption is equally revealing as she writes, "You are the only thinker in your mind so master your mind because it is creative "Imagination is God, please be careful what you put inside of it because manifestation is real....[genuinely] your angel."

Side note: When Brandy and Sir the Baptist were dating, Sir called Brandy his "angel." Things that make you go hmmm.

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