Since Bridget Kelly’s debut album, 'Something Different,' isn’t arriving in stores this year, the Roc Nation artist has a new project to hold fans over until 2014. The R&B songstress released her new EP, 'Cut to…Bridget Kelly,' today (Dec. 10) and it's available for streaming on Spotify.

The collection features six tracks, including her previously released ballad, 'Special Delivery.' The lead single from the effort is 'Coca1n3 Heartbreak -- a video for the song is forthcoming.

Aside from 'Special Delivery' and her summer hit 'Street Dreamin' featuring Kendrick Lamar, we haven’t heard much from the singer.

"I wanna build with my fans some more,” she explained in an interview. “There’s been so many breaks and not enough consistency with a strong flow of music so I’m putting out five new songs on my website just to throw out to the atmosphere. Let the fans see what they love and figure out what they want to hold on to.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Bridget Kelly, now is a great time to get to know the 27-year-old star in the making.

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