Last fall we brought you the incredible story of Sean and Heather Brown. While Sean was fighting for our country in Afghanistan, Heather was having some strange symptoms she knew she shouldn't be having during her pregnancy. She went to the hospital and ended up having baby John prematurely. and she slipped into a coma. Well four months later, Heather is starting to make great progress.

After spending a few months here in the hospital, Heather was moved to a facility in Shreveport who offered to care for her. Sean and the baby have been traveling back and forth between Heather and their home in Gladewater. Since moving to the facility, Sean has recorded some major breakthroughs with Heather. She has opened her eyes some, moved her head, squeezed his hand and responded to his voice. Sean posted this most recent update earlier today:

Another update!
While I was working yesterday, Heather's dad called to check on her. The therapist had wonderful news. She told Heather to move her head from left to right and open her eyes. Heather did it twice! I'm speechless. Thank you Lord and continue your healing for my wife. Thank you friends for the prayers.

The Brown family still has a long road ahead of them. Heather's recovery process won't be easy. But they are without a doubt that the prayers and support from their friends, family, and 1.1 million Facebook followers, that Heather will recover and come home to Sean and John.