The Broadway Market Center is closed indefinitely!


A sewage leak has caused the Broadway Market Center, off Rice Road, to close indefinitely, according to The leak was discovered Monday and is affecting a few of the businesses at the plaza. The leak was caused by utensils and roots that damaged the old pipes. The City said that any of the businesses that require water to operate should shut down. There's no timeline in place for the repairs, as of now. Jason's Deli said it would pay its employees still, until they go back to work. Starbucks employees will be able to pick up shifts at other area stores during the shutdown.

“The management company is working with their partners and they’re determining what scope of work that they will need to do in order to restore free flowing waste water, so at this moment, I don’t know exactly when that will be, we definitely hope that we can get back to serving the wonderful people of Tyler as soon as we can. Been here over 30 years and it’s our second store outside of Beaumont, it’s an important deli for our company and we want to get back open as soon as we can.” ~ Michael McCown, District Manager

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