Karen Klein, a 68-year-old bus monitor in Greece, N.Y., was brought to tears because of constant verbal harrassment from middle-school children on the bus she monitors daily. What is our world coming to?

This video infuriated me because no-one deserves to be talked to that way, especially from children! Now, Ms. Klein has given an interview in regards to the public's outreach.

Here's the video that started it all! Warning: This video contains graphic language and is NSFW

And here is Karen's response:

Apparently, the video has now gone viral after a concerned person took the initiative to send this woman on an incredible vacation via fundraiser!

The fundraiser has raised more than $160,000 dollars thus far to send Karen on a much-needed and deserved vacation from these kids.

Clearly, this behavior is disgusting and down-right unacceptable! What do you think should be the course of action in regard to discipline with the kids?

Click here for school's name, principal, and Karen's Facebook page.