A hill that many Texas will die on is their belief that Whataburger is superior to any other burger chain. They will especially get upset if you even hint at In-N-Out possibly being better in any way, shape, or form.

While In-N-Out is well-known in Texas, California, and every state in-between. You can’t really say the same for Whataburger. So, many Californians have never even had Whataburger.

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I can say as someone that grew up in Arizona, where In-N-Out is widely popular, I never really knew about Whataburger or ever heard people talk about it until moving to Texas. And this isn’t because there weren’t any nearby, people simply didn’t love it. It was considered comparable to any other fast food burger like McDonald’s or Burger King, while In-N-Out was seen as a nicer, fresher, option.

Knowing that is how many states outside of Texas view Whataburger, the true test is having someone from California try Whataburger in Texas. So, that is exactly what @how.kev.eats did.

He went to Dallas Texas, went to Whataburger, and decided it was time to set the debate to rest. Keeping things an even playing field he tried a classic double Whataburger, their fries, and one popular specialty item, the patty melt, he gave his review.

What did he think?

According to him, Whataburger’s meat tastes synthetic, the meat-to-topping ratio was way off, the fries had a good texture but need more salt, and the patty melt was better than the burger. He concluded by saying he thinks Whataburger is “very, very, overrated.”

Of course, this pissed off a lot of Texas, leaving them to fight for their beloved restaurant in the comments. Many people said he tried the wrong burger and needed to get one of the fancy ones with bacon, special sauces, and other toppings. However, if their burgers need all those extra toppings to be good, how can you say they are better than In-N-Out?

Also, keep in mind that @how.kev.eats is a very honest person and has admitted that he hates In-N-Out's fries. So, he isn’t completely biased.  

In-N-Out has a simple menu, with simple ingredients. Yes, there are some other options like ‘animal style’, but when comparing a classic In-N-Out burger to a classic Whataburger, it seems like California has Texas beat.

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