We are very fortunate to have some great law enforcement officers here in Texas. Normally seeing police officers is not a huge desire but it’s good to know they are there if we need help. But can you actually ask police officers to leave your residence? The answer to that question might seem simple but there is actually a lot to discuss before you tell a police officer to leave your property. 

First, understand that every situation is a little different. Also, police officers don’t want to stop and hassle anyone for no reason, they are busy, there are other things they could be doing. When they are on a call they want to find resolution as quickly as possible because there is always something else that could use their attention. But technically when you go by the laws in Texas, you can absolutely ask law enforcement officers to leave your property. 

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Be Careful With How You Request Officers to Leave 

There could be a variety of reasons as to why you would ask law enforcement to leave your property, but if you’re ever in that situation you will want to be as respectful as possible. Explain why you are asking them to leave and try to find a resolution as to why they are there in the first place, or else they will probably be back.  

There Are Instances Where Officer’s Don’t Have to Leave 

If there is a wanted criminal on your property or believed to be hiding there, law enforcement officers will not just leave your property because you requested them to do so. They are trying to apprehend a suspect so know that just because you make a request, that doesn’t mean they have to comply with your request.  

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