Summer is officially cancelled if you were planning on taking a cruise!

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I had plans this summer to get on a cruise ship, but was very reluctant as the COVID-19 pandemic started and since they have no definite plan on when this will be under control.

With that being said the CDC has stepped in and made the announcement that they will be extending a no-sail order for cruise ships through the end of September per Associated Press.

The order which was supposed to end on Friday (July 24th), but because of the CDC indicating the cruise industry hasn't gained control of the transmission of the virus on their ships and also the concern of with reduced crew members would comply and with the practices of preventing the spread of the virus.

Cruise Lines International Association has stopped all cruises until September 15th and making preparations on how they can return to operating safely.

With states like Florida and other states with high cases of COVID-19 there is no certain date on when things would return back to normal.

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