Look up Dummy!  Say cheese….

A potential car thief got the shock of his life after a dash cam took his photo leaving him stunned like a deer caught in headlights.

According to ABC 7, a Beaverton, Oregon woman’s car was broken into after her neighbor noticed her car door was open.

Feeling angry because of the personal space being violated instantly turned into amusement thanks to her dash camera.

Thanks to her Owlcam when the perpetrator entered the car it activated and after 10 seconds it snapped a picture leaving him stunned and immediately leaving the car.

Nothing was taken from the car and she is relieved to have purchased her extra set of eyes.

I am totally happy I bought that camera. It's worth every penny.

The intruder is still on the loose, but I am sure thanks to his new found fame he will be caught soon.

His facial expression is priceless!  (Laughing hysterically)

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