Cardi B released her most over-the-top music video to date with "Press" on Wednesday (June 26), which also marks the rapper's directorial debut.

The music video begins with Cardi in a threesome making out with another woman. Soon after, she ends up shooting her two partners. The video then flashes to fans screaming with signs of support for Cardi outside a courthouse. She is then seen being pulled into an interrogation room for her crime.

The video flashes back and forth between Cardi in the interrogation room and rapping her song fully nude, her nipples blurred. The video then pans to Cardi and her dancers, also fully nude, doing a choreographed dance. (Their genitals are somewhat blurred.)

Afterwards, Cardi goes into court wearing a white elaborate costume. Suddenly, the lights go out and some folks end up murdered, which of course lands Cardi in an orange jumpsuit and in prison—where she drowns her cellmate in a toilet.

Basically, it's a provocative music video that will leave you speechless. Watch Cardi B's new "Press" music video below!

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