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Amy Sussman, Getty Images
Amy Sussman, Getty Images

Cardi B is recovering after being hospitalized for having stomach pains.

According to TMZ, she checked herself into the ER on Wednesday (April 1st) as she told her fans on Instagram she was under the weather.

I’ve been very f–king sick these past five days … not corona. I have really bad stomach issues … I started throwing up … I took a pregnancy test cuz a b*tch never f*cking knows.

Cardi says she was in LA and had poor eating habits because she don't have anyone to cook for her so she's been eating out and hired two chefs, but they were too expensive and nasty which in result she didn't eat for four days straight when headaches started to occur.

Once she reached out to her doctor for a home visit, but they weren't allowed in and was advised to drink green tea.

After press got word of her hospital visit she did state her sickness wasn't due to the coronavirus, but advised her fans to take it very serious.

That video that went super viral, I told y’all coronavirus was going to get real. I know I said it in a funny way, but I knew it was going to get real… I did some research on what was going on in China, and I was like s–t! That s–t hit America, it’s going to get real. And it sure motherf–kin’ did. It sure did b*tch.

For more information of the coronavirus you can click here and we wish Cardi B a speedy recovery.

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