Tis the season for comfort food!  Now that Thanksgiving is over and you are pretty much out of leftovers our friends at Say Cheese Tyler are out again in a neighborhood near you serving up their famous grilled cheese sandwiches.

This week while you are getting back to your regular schedule or out doing your Christmas shopping you can find Say Cheese Tyler and get one of their signature grilled cheese sandwiches at the following locations:

  • Thursday:  You can find them at W. Ervin St. across the Marvin United Methodist Church from 11am – 2pm
  • Friday:  They will be at a serve project from 12pm – 5pm and
  • Saturday:  You can find them at Frost Fest in Palestine, TX

So if you are craving for some great food and excellent customer service give Say Cheese Tyler a try!  I guarantee you will thank me later.