It seems like we hear about fatal crashes on Texas roadways all the time. It’s a very sad reality especially during the summertime, which is often referred to as the ‘100 deadliest days of summer’. That term is talking about the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. During that time, it’s more common to see teen driving related crashes occur. But obviously, we all know it’s not just teens that are involved in these crashes. Which is why I wanted to bring to your attention the top 10 causes of death on Texas roadways. 

It only takes one mistake to absolutely shatter a family, the last thing you want is for that to happen to your family. You also don’t want to be the reason that a family is grieving, so make sure that you do everything possible to stay safe when you're on any Texas roadway.  

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Reminders for Driving Safe in Texas 

While these reminders are always important when traveling on Texas roadways you need to be safe anytime you’re behind the wheel. That means making sure that you aren’t too tired to drive and of course the obvious one, never get behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated or have had any alcohol. It’s just not worth it. Obey all driving laws, be courteous to other drivers, and stay aware of your surroundings. 

Let’s Look at the Top Causes of Death on Texas Roadways 

Here is a list of the top reasons people lose their life on Texas roadways. This isn’t meant to scare you, just educate you about the dangers that are always present when you are behind the wheel. 

Top 10 causes of Death on Texas Roadways

We want you to drive carefully and arrive at your destination safe. But when on Texas roadways here are the top 10 causes of death.

The 11 Deadliest Roads In East Texas

This is list is based upon the roads with the most fatal accidents.

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