Happy #NationalCoffeeMilkshakeDay!  I am a huge fan of Whataburger's Coffee Milkshake and to celebrate I am going to treat myself to one.  I can admit I was very skeptical when I first tried it, but then again I like ice coffee so what was there to lose?

So the moment of truth arrives, I order the coffee milkshake and when I took that initial sip my taste buds were exposed to a new favorite treat. The cappuccino hazelnut flavor blended so well that I couldn't believe what I was tasting.  If you ever had a White Russian, the flavors are very similar.  The creamy texture makes the drink enjoyable and it is perfect for the hot days of summer!

So if you haven't experienced the Whataburger Coffee Milkshake I encourage you to swing by on your lunch of after work and treat yourself to something new.